A Brief Introduction to Union Hospital
Fujian Medical University Union Hospital has a long history.  The former of the hospital, Foochow Christian Union Hospital (also named Willis F. Pierce Memorial Hospital) was the merge of Foochow Missionary Hospital founded in 1860 with Magaw Memorial Hospital founded in 1877, bearing a reputation as the cradle of modern medicine in Fujian Province.  
At present, the hospital is a comprehensive Grade A hospital serving as a key center in medical treatment, education, scientific research, disease prevention and health maintenance. Located at the beautiful foot of Yu Mountain, the hospital accommodates 2,500 beds, receives about 2 million out-patients and 110,000 in-patients and performs more than 100,000 various kinds of operations annually.  There are more than 3,700 staff members in the hospital, over 500 of whom have senior professional titles (professors and associate professors included), and over 100 of whom are state-level or provincial and ministerial level talents or experts granted special government subsidies. In addition to the hospital headquarters, it also has two branches--the Third Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University (Union Hospital West Branch) and Fujian Medical University Pingtan Union Hospital (Union Hospital Pingtan Branch). There will be 2,300 beds in these two branches.
The hospital is strong in its comprehensive strength, ranking among the “Top 100 Hospitals in China” in both academic influence and competitiveness. It holds the construction projects of the High Level Hospital in Fujian Province and one of the first units for projects to improve the capacity in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complicated diseases in China. It is home to 6 Key National Clinical Specialties, 4 Fujian Medical Centers, 12 Key Provincial Clinical Specialties and 8 Key Subjects of Fujian Medical University.
The hospital has been implementing numerous new research projects and techniques, some of which take the lead and have a significant influence in the medical community, such as allograft heart transplantation£¨liver transplantation after heart transplantation, bilateral lung transplantation, allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, treatment of acute aortic dissection with triple-branched stent angiography, transcatheter aortic valve implantation£®TAVI£©, intervention techniques for complex coronary bifurcation lesions, laparoscopic radical resection for colorectal, gastric and liver, pancreatic and lung cancers, etc.£¨Chinese-style face transplantation£¨neuromodulation technology for Parkinson"s disease and other movement disorders, and real-time image-guided tumor tracking stereotactic radiotherapy of cyberknife system.
There are more than 20 research institutions affiliated to the hospital. It has undertaken plenty of scientific research projects and achieved 3 National Awards for Progress in Science and Technology and Natural Sciences as well as more than 430 Provincial and Ministerial Awards for Science and Technology. The hospital cultivates nearly 300 excellent students pursuing master and doctoral degrees annually and the first doctorate and master’s installing institutions of clinical medicine in Fujian Province originated from here. The National Demonstration Center for Clinical Teaching and Training, the National Standardized Training Base for Residents and Physicians, and Chinese Laparo-endoscopic Surgery Training Center are also located in the hospital.
The hospital was rated as one of the first "Grade A Hospitals" in Fujian Province by the Ministry of Health and in 1994 and awarded as “Model of Hospital in China” and one of the “Best 100 Patient-centered and High-quality Hospitals”. Upholding the spirit of "Strictness, Refinement, Diligence and Devotion" and the ideal of “Service as the basis, Ethics as the bedrock, and Quality as the life”, the staff here are dedicated to working in union to provide best services to people at home and abroad wholeheartedly.

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